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The Drug Abuse Screen Test (DAST-10) was designed to provide a brief, self-report instrument for population screening, clinical case finding and treatment evaluation research. It can be used with adults and older youth. The DAST-10 yields a quantitative index of the degree of consequences related to drug abuse. The instrument takes approximately 5 minutes to administer and may be given in either a self-report or interview format. The DAST may be used in a variety of settings to provide a quick index of drug abuse problems. The DAST-10 is a 10-item self-report instrument that has been condensed from the 28-item DAST. It was copyrighted in 1982 by Harvey Skinner, PhD and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada.

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Community, Health, Lab, Medication.

Age Group
Adult- over 19 years

Literature on Arabic translation/validation of measure
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Hussam Aly Sayed Murad 2021 related to drug abuse Saudi Arabia

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