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Validated translation into Arabic of the questionnaire LFES – SQ

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SummaryObjective Fibromyalgia syndrome is an under-diagnosed disorder of unknown etiology affecting over 2% in a general population. The aim of this study was to create a validated translation into Arabic of the London Fibromyalgia Epidemiology Study – Screening Questionnaire (LFES – SQ) to screen patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Methods The Canadian version of the LFES – SQ was translated by forward/backward translation. A pretest was realised. Clarity and understanding ability of the scale were assessed through the administration of the scale to 15 subjects. To analyse the score correlations between two successive administrations of the LFES – SQ (test-retest reliability), patients were asked to respond to the questionnaire twice within a 10-day interval. This time interval was sufficiently short to avoid any health status changes of the patients and long enough to avoid them to remember what their responses were when the questionnaire was first administered. Results Understanding of the LFES – SQ questionnaire is excellent. There is no item excluded. Intra-rater reliability was judged to be satisfactory. Conclusion The Arabic translation of the LFES – SQ is a useful tool for screening fibromyalgia in the Tunisian population. Further studies are needed to confirm that it can suit other Arab populations.

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Yahia A, Sellami M, Guermazi M, Ghroubi S, Elleuch M, André E, et al. Traduction en Arabe et validation du questionnaire LFES – SQ. Journal de Réadaptation Médicale : Pratique et Formation en Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation. 2010;30(2):60-5.


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