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Cultural adaptation and validation of the "Kidney Disease and Quality of Life - Short Form (KDQOL-SF(TM)) version 1.3" questionnaire in Egypt

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Introduction and Aims: Evaluating health related quality of life (HRQOL) among chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients is important for assessment of their care. It offers unique information for comparing different treatment modalities. The pattern of HRQOL among predialysis patients has received little attention.We aimed to assess HRQOL among predialysis patients using KDQOL-SF ™ 1.3 questionnaire after Arabic translation, cultural adaptation, and validation. Methods: The study included 600 predialysis patients (100 shared in the questionnaire validation) referred to the Main Alexandria University Hospital (serves four Egyptian Governorates). Those with end stage renal disease, history of blood loss or transfusion were excluded. Clinical and laboratory dathe majority of the kidney disease targeted items were significantly inter-correlated. Principal component analysis of the disease targeted scale indicated that this part of the questionnaire could be summarized into 10 factors that together explained 70.9% of the variance. Patients enrolled for assessment of HRQOL (52%males ,age mean±SD 51±14 years), 28.8% and 71.2% were in stage 3 and stage 4 CKD, respectively. Anemic patients comprised 67.8%. The mean±SD of PCS, MCS, and KDCS were 33.8±9.7, 43.6±7.1, and 60.2±9.03, respectively.In univariate analysis; older, non worker, smoker, and anemic scored significantly lower for PCS, MCS, and KDCS. Female, widow, and advanced stage of CKD had significant lower PCS and KDCS scores. Diabetics and hypertensive had significant lower PCS score. In multiple linear regression, anemia was the only significant variable with the three composite summaries. Conclusions: The Arabic KDQOL-SF™ 1.3 questionnaire was a reliable and valid tool for assessment of HRQOL. Predialysis patients reported reduced HRQOL specially those with anemia.

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Abd ElHafeez et al. Cultural adaptation and validation of the "Kidney Disease and Quality of Life - Short Form (KDQOL-SF(TM)) version 1.3" questionnaire in Egypt. BMC Nephrology 2012, 13:170


Methods Condition Gender Age Country Setting Sample size
predialysis patient Both 42 - 60 Egypt
Healthcare Facility 100

Number of items

80 items


Measure does not require training

Required time

6-30 min

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