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Identification of phonological processes in Arabic–speaking Egyptian children by single-word test

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Purpose Phonological processes are systematic changes in sound classes, sound sequences or syllable structure. The aim of this study was to develop an assessment tool for identification of developmental phonological processes in Arabic-speaking Egyptian children in order to provide normative data of phonological processes in typically developing children and distinguish between normal children and children with phonological impairment. Method The study design was a cross-sectional descriptive one. Mansoura Arabic Test for Phonological Processes (MATPP) was developed to elicit children's single–word productions through picture naming task. After being pilot-tested, the MATPP was presented to a group of 120 typically developing children in the age range 2–5 years and another group of 30 children with developmental language disorder (DLD) in the age range 2½ - 5years for test validation. Results Assimilation processes were the commonest phonological processes followed by syllable structure processes and substitution processes. In contrast to English language, prevocalic devoicing, backing of fricatives and glottal replacement were considered normal for Egyptian children. The face validity was demonstrated by judging all words of the MATPP for being completely relevant to the purpose for which it was meant and Criterion -related validity was demonstrated by higher scores of the DLD children in all phonological processes. MATPP presented test-retest reliability when re-administered by the same examiner or a different examiner to the same child within a two week interval. Conclusion MATPP is a valid and reliable assessment tool for identification of phonological processes in Arabic-speaking Egyptian children and can differentiate typically developing children from those with a phonological impairment

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Abou-Elsaad, T., et al. (2019). "Identification of phonological processes in Arabic–speaking Egyptian children by single-word test." Journal of Communication Disorders 77: 80-93.


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children Both 2 - 5 Egypt
Education Institute 150

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