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Translation and cultural adaptation of an Arabic version of the patient scar assessment scale for thyroidectomy patients

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Objectives: To translate and validate an Arabic version of the patient scar assessment scale (PSAS). The cosmetic appearance of a thyroidectomy scar can critically influence a patient's self-esteem. Moreover, scar evaluation tools are necessary for an evidencebased approach to scar management. Methods: This quantitative, observational, crosssectional study was conducted by administering an Arabic-translated version of the PSAS. The translation process included a forward translation into Arabic by 3 fluently bilingual otolaryngologists, a back-translation into English, and a comparison with the original items. The questionnaires were distributed to patients who underwent thyroidectomies. We included patients who underwent surgery at least 2 months previously. Results: A total of 50 patients were included in this research. The internal consistency was 0.89, with a 95% confidence interval (CI) of 0.88-0.90. The score distributions showed high correlations for all items. The Arabic-translated PSAS showed good test-retest reliability, and the Pearson correlation coefficient between the test and retest administrations was 0.84 (p<0.001). With a possible range of 6-60 points, the standard error of the mean was 5.14, and the minimal detectable change was 14.2. Conclusion: This Arabic version of the PSAS was reliable for use in Arabic-speaking communities. It will allow for comparisons between the results of investigations conducted in different countries, which aids in the exchange of information within the international scientific community.

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Aldrees, T., et al. (2019). "Translation and cultural adaptation of an Arabic version of the patient scar assessment scale for thyroidectomy patients." Saudi Medical Journal 40(6): 590-594.


Methods Condition Gender Age Country Setting Sample size
patients Both 18 - 63 Saudi Arabia
Healthcare Facility 50

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6 items


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