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Bournemouth questionnaire Arabic version: Cross-cultural adaptation, validity, and reliability for patients with low back pain

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OBJECTIVE: To translate, culturally adapt, validate, and investigate the reliability of Arabic version of Bournemouth questionnaire (BQ) for patients with low back pain. METHOD: Thirty experts (three panels) and 70 low back pain patients (37.5 +/- 13.9 years) were involved in this study. Test-retest as well as internal consistency analyses were used to assess reliability. Intraclass correlation coefficient (95% confidence interval) was used to assess test-retest analysis, whereas Cronbach alpha value was calculated to assess the internal consistency. BQ Arabic version validity was evaluated in forms of face, content, internal, and external construct validity. Internal construct validity was evaluated with factor analysis, and external construct validity was tested by the correlation between the Arabic version of BQ and short-form (36) health survey (SF-36) questionnaire. RESULTS: Factor analysis revealed that BQ had a single factor. BQ has a very good correlation with SF-36 questionnaire (r = .74). Arabic version of BQ has a high internal consistency reliability where Cronbach alpha value was 0.889 at baseline and 0.911 after 1 week. The test-retest analysis was between 0.87 and 0.96 and for the BQ total score was 0.95 (p < .0001) indicating that test-retest results are highly correlated. CONCLUSION: The Arabic version of BQ is a valid, reliable, and feasible scale for assessment of low back patients. It is short, easy-to-apply, need short time to complete and comprehensive scale. So it may be considered as a preferable scale for clinical assessment of Arabic speaking patients with low back pain.

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Elerian, A. E., et al. (2020). "Bournemouth questionnaire Arabic version: Cross-cultural adaptation, validity, and reliability for patients with low back pain." Physiother Res Int: e1834.


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23.6 - 51.4 Egypt

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7 items


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Less than 5 min

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